Living on the edge weaving dreams,

I stood waving you off.

Leaving the world behind,

I too left everyone who was never so kind.

Seeing you go, I know something in me broke

Yet I know not why I felt relieved.

This is what everyone deserves,

I kept reassuring myself,

But that was never the reality

I guess I knew that all along. Continue reading “Humanity”


A lesson for life

Distressed by the momentarily blurred vision of my eyes

I snatched my glasses from the person’s hand.

Sorry sir, I mistook them as mine,

Calmly, said the man with blind eyes.

©Md Saemul Haque Noori

From dawn till dusk

I woke up at five, still slothful to leave the warm bed I was on. I lie on my bed, with my face plunged deep inside my pillow thinking of the days that passed. Finally after many days, last night I had a sound sleep. My son was no more bothering me in my sleep. She was home, after a whole month. I can’t express how relieved I feel. Not only relieved I feel happy with her around me. My house feels more like a home with her, besides she makes everything easy for me. I sit up and take a glimpse of my phone, which is placed on the table by the bed. A reminder flashed on it and then I remembered. Continue reading “From dawn till dusk”

Its Eid


Walking down the road after offering the namaz i sighed. Its eid. People all around me were hugging each other, and so did i. I embraced my relatives and even some people whom i didn’t know. I see around me, everyone is rejoiced, everyone is happy.

I walk back to my home and wait for people to come by. An hour passes or two, no one showed up. Maybe they are busy somewhere else or they too are waiting for others at their gates like i was, i thought.

Continue reading “Its Eid”


Every evening I sit on the window ledge of my room and watch people passing by the street that is in front of my house. I don’t know why but I feel relaxed watching them come and go. Strange but true, it gives me a hint of what life is like. Let me tell you how.

Continue reading “Passersby”

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