True Lies

The heap of lies, that lies within,

Confronting, beheading the truth well known

Stands defeated today alas,

As the day of Judgment, now has passed.

The army of guilt with their weapons: regret,

Can be seen marching once again,

To shatter the long gone peace into pieces,

And fill the heart with immense pain.

Yet I see a ray of hope,

With the same eyes,

Once blinded with lies,

To overcome whatever comes to me.

For now I know that time passes by and by

Devastating, uprooting, everyone blinded with true lies.

© Md Saemul Haque Noori


Let not the world…

Let not the smiling world deceive you,

Of the warm fuzzies it falsely shares.

No one is ever pleased if you prosper,

No one even cares.


Let not the sobbing world dupe you,

With the façade that it maintains,

No one cares for the problems you face.

In fact, they complain.


But if you don’t believe what I say

See it by yourself,

go outside and give it a try.

But don’t count on me

For I will not be here to console you

When you find out the truth and cry.

 ©Md. Saemul Haque Noori


This home, ain’t like home anymore,

Without you, now it needs you even more.

A home is not home that bears solitude,

For once now, it needs your gratitude.

Bless it with your presence and set it live again,

With happiness that sure will rain.


This home ain’t like home anymore,

With me here, we need you even more.

Life is not life if it bears solitude.

For once more, it needs your gratitude.

Bless me with your presence and set me live again.

With love, we would live happily yet again.


But that’s not how it is meant to be I guess,

For I have lost my queen long ago

And now I am bound to live in this mess.


©Md Saemul Haque Noori

A theory..

F.R.I.E.N.D.S is one of the most popular sitcom series of all time. If you have seen this American series you would know what makes it so i.e.; the bond and affection shared among the six characters of this series; how they overcome each and every problems with each other by their side and lead their life in a way that most of us adore.

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The Kite

Have you ever seen something that is one thing at a time and after sometime it is just whole another thing? This poetry is an example of one of those things.
When you once read it you will think that is just an absurd piece about a guy who is desperate to find his kite but let me tell you that it isn’t. “The lost kite” in the poem refers to “the lost hope of the narrator”.
So as I said once you have read this, the poetry isn’t the same as before.
Is it?

I stare into the dark and search for the kite,

It’s dark here even though it is not night.

Searching it to my left, searching it to my right

I hear some people say “he has lost his mind”.

They believe that I won’t find it but I know that I might. Continue reading “The Kite”

What if…..

The room is dark not a single beam of light is to be seen around. Surrounded by walls all around I am staring at the ceiling. To be honest I don’t do much other than this these days. I am a little bit confused; I don’t know what I am thinking of right now. Is it about how I ended up here like this, or is it about you; if or why you left me.

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